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Soundtrack review: E-ring (Trevor Morris – 2006)


Soundtrack review: E-ring (Trevor Morris – 2006)


„E-Ring” is a 2005 American television military drama, created by Ken Robinson and David McKenna and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Major Jim Tisnewski, until recently an active special forces commando, takes up a Pentagon job as assistant of US Army colonel Eli McNulty. He now must learn to battle the Pentagon way against politicians and careerist officers who often oppose what makes operational sense. The score was written by Trevor Morris and never saw the light of day until now when the composer decided to gift us some of his unreleased scores, to raise awarness for his charity of choice „Education through music”. The music focuses on the pilot episode.

No surprises in the „Pentagon” theme where I find the seeds of the patriotic and inspirational music that worked so well years later in “Olympus has fallen”. This is a magnificent main theme and I could have seen myself growing addicted to it and waiting to hear it week in and week out. Of course that won’t be the tone of the whole album because quite often the main theme of a TV show differs radically from what goes on inside an episode.

The first few cues are quite light and I guess they were written like this to let the audience focus on what was going on on screen rather than be distracted by the music. The guitar takes a center stage and gives the impression of power and determination. I don’t connect very well with these instances but there is (was…) potential for themes to be developed. The thing is, with TV, you don’t know from the beginning where the characters are going and how the action will develop so I imagine writing the first few pieces for a series is difficult. The show needs time so that the composer can get to know the characters and their motivations and write beautiful themes for them.

Luckily there are some quieter moments in this album that I can relate to. I’ve always been drawn to the atmospheric side of music and I find my drug scattered through “E-ring”, enough moments to make up a satisfactory dose. And then there are the powerful action cues that stem from the main theme and they make me think of “The rock”. These will be my takeaways from this pilot score. Listen to it and see what you find.

Cue rating: 78 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 8 / 38

Album excellence: 20%


E-Ring Pentagon

E-Ring 100m12

E-Ring 100m18

E-Ring 100m19

E-Ring 100m25

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