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Soundtrack review: The angry birds movie (Heitor Pareira – 2016)

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Soundtrack review: The angry birds movie (Heitor Pareira – 2016)


I love “Angry birds”. Yes it’s silly but so addictive and I remember how excited I was six years ago when I got my first Samsung Galaxy smartphone and this was the first game I downloaded and played. It was a race with my best friends to see who could finish more levels with 3 stars. Then the franchise evolved and we got spinoff games inspired from movies like Star Wars or Transformers. I sampled each of them although my attachment remained to the original game. Fast forward to today and they made it to the big screen and the plot involves the birds living a quiet life on their island before the infamous green pigs come to invade. Heitor Pareira wrote the score and I couldn’t be more excited after the fun I had listening to his “Minions” composition.

Right from the start I notice the wink to the theme that plays in the opening credits of the actual game and it’s a very nice touch. I already get a bit of nostalgia from this score. Then the action starts, wonderfully spectacular and amusing. I often have trouble connecting with animation scores because sometimes they try too hard and feel forced but it’s not the case here. The musical shenanigans of Heitor Pareira match the on screen ones and as the score progresses my doubts about this score being worthy of the massive 75 minute it boasts start to fade. In the end the score does seem longer than needed but at least it’s never boring.

The brilliant thing about “The Angry Birds movie” score is that unlike other animation compositions, there’s no mistaking it for a drama. Even the dramatic moments are constructed musically in a way that makes sure we know it’s all an exaggeration and a game. The island party feeling goes on for the duration and I can feel the fresh taste of fruit in my mouth. Some cues are simply spectacular; just listen to “Paint your pain” and you will know what this score is about. Also listen to “Lake of wisdom” which I suspect is a nice pun about lack of wisdom, given the context.

The score doesn’t sound like it was written from someone outside the “Angry Birds” world; the composer comes from the island and lived with these characters for a long time otherwise he couldn’t have painted their musical world so well. The music is clean and beautiful, fun and exciting. I mentioned a fruit cocktail but it’s more like fruity champagne of a score with highs and lows and sweetness and bubbles. I had a lot of fun with this one, do not miss it.

Cue rating: 84 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 24 / 79

Album excellence: 30%


Red on the Run

Billy Fight

Terence and Bomb

Boat Approaches

Who Are These Weirdos?

Paint Your Pain

Does None of This Seem Wrong?

Lake of Wisdom

Build a Boat

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Chuck Time

Home tweet home

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