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Soundtrack review: Rememory (Gregory Tripi -2017)

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Soundtrack review: Rememory (Gregory Tripi -2017)


“Rememory” was written by Michael Vukadinovich and Mark Palansky and produced by Daniel Bekerman and Lee Clay. The film explores the unexplained death of Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan), a visionary scientific pioneer whose body is found shortly after the unveiling of his newest work: a device able to extract, record and play a person’s memories. Gordon’s wife, Carolyn (Julia Ormond – Mad Men, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Legends of the Fall), retreats into her house and cuts off contact with the outside world when a mysterious man (Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Station Agent) shows up. After stealing the machine, he uses it to try and solve the mystery, beginning an investigation of memories that lead him to unexpected and dangerous places. The score was written by Gregory Tripi and I remember I was blown away by his “Dark places” score a couple of years ago.

When a score opens up with an ambient synth cue like “Memory is the ultimate definer” I think I died and went to retro heaven; this genre is my sweetest of sweet spots and I have the purest 80s nostalgia when listening to it. There’s no better feeling to get form music. The cue gets enriched with a sad violin motif performed by Peter Dinklage’s brother Jonathan and I can only hope and pray that the entire score goes electronic like this. “The truth of their lives” deepens the feeling of being inside a lonely, distant future where the only thing alive is somebody’s love for electronic music. I imagine the opening of this score working very well for an exploration computer game. There’s sunshine in that world and I am sure that there’s a lake as well. This music makes me imagine things, dream, feel and for me this is the while point of listening to film music, to any kind of music actually. I love every single sound I hear on this album.

“You fucked up my head” is not a bad expression of what an hour of this music could do to me because the nostalgia and detachment from reality could actually be too much at some point. “Unfulfilled dreams” could have been the title of this album, the perfect expression of what the music makes me think of. Gregory Tripi is a wizard and it would be a crime if he didn’t write this score in a silver shinny tinfoil suite and with sunglasses on. Buttons, nothing but buttons and switches and ambient electronic sound effect that create a soundscape I am addicted to and I can’t get enough of.

The usually metallic sound of an electronic scores is melted every now and then by the superb violin solos that are sprinkled throughout the score enough to make a mark and not too much as to interfere with the dreamy ambient mood. The music of “Rememory” is simple and delightful; it’s the kind of sci-fi score that also looks behind and it represents one of the very few gems of its kind this year. I am sure I haven’t heard such perfect ambient pieces like “Resolution”, “I can’t understand what you’re saying” or “Whoever you really are” anywhere else this year. It’s a score that never gets loud and never disturbs the precise electronic atmosphere it creates from the beginning.

The emotional touch brought on by Jonathan Dinklage’s violin solos only makes the texture of this score softer, warmer and more comfortable to the touch. Filled with ambient anthems, “Rememory” is the retro electronic score I needed this year, the kind I need every year actually. Superbly atmospheric, dreamy and challenging in the same time, Gregory Tripi’s composition will please fans of the genre and 80s nostalgics alike. I could have listened to hours of this without ever wanting to get out…or wake up. Count this one as one of my favourite scores of 2017. I will keep it very close and return to it very often.

Cue rating: 96 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 57 / 68

Album excellence: 83%

Memory Is the Ultimate Definer
The Truth of Their Lives
Everything in Its Right Place
You Fuckedd Up My Head
A True Pioneer
Unfulfilled Dreams
Role of the Psychologist
That’s My Life
She Was Too Fragile
Does Your Heart Rate Increase?
The Mind Forgets Things
You’re Not Here
His Name Is Samuel Bloom
See the Real Castles
I Want to Try It
If You Want Your Memories Back
Memory Loop
It’s Time
I Can’t Understand What You’re Saying
Gordon’s Final Memory
Whoever You Really Are
Go Ahead, Close Your Eyes

Mihnea Manduteanu

I have been listening to film music for 25 years and writing about it since 2014. I've written over 1000 reviews and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. I am also a member of IFMCA (International Film Music Critics Association).

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