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Soundtrack review: All I see is you (Marc Streitenfeld – 2017)

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Soundtrack review: All I see is you (Marc Streitenfeld – 2017)



“All I See Is You” is a 2016 psychological drama film directed by Marc Forster and written by Sean Conway. The film stars Blake Lively and Jason Clarke. The plot tells the story of a blind woman (portrayed by Blake Lively) and her husband (Jason Clarke). When her sight unexpectedly returns, she begins to discover the previously unseen and disturbing details about themselves, their marriage and their lives. A psychological drama with two leads I like, I am definitely in. Marc Streitenfeld wrote the score and this is another plus for me.

The opening cue “Hearing the way” gets my attention right from the start with its combination of sounds, not all of the me music (there are muffled voices, nature and house sounds) and horror motifs. I feel frustrated and confused and I imagine this is exactly how the composer wanted me to feel so I can better empathise with Blake Lively’s character. Mark Streitenfeld is no stranger to atmospheric horror from his “Prometheus” score and he gets close to that sound with “Inner visions”; the music is minimalistic but gripping and I am captivated by the orchestral motifs that seem locked up in a dark basement and the sound effects that create that basement. There is nothing but darkness in the first part of the score and once again this is what the story is all about. The orchestral motifs and short and sharp as the music moves in fast paced steps rather than broad sections. I like how the score borders on ambient sometimes as “All I see is you” has moments that bring me Mike Oldfield nostalgia, like “Swimming no 1”. There are different types of gems on this album as “Last minute cancelation” is already a religious like piece of music with the pious chanting and the organ.

The music clears up I imagine once the vision returns as “Look in the mirror” sounds more exploratory then emotional. The melodies are warmer and themes are more easily identifiable once the action starts to develop. “Going to Spain” is one of the more lyrical cues Streitenfeld has written and it reminds me of his great score for “After the fall”. The theme that sprouts here, the light and romantic piano motif recurs in a guitar form in “I have been here before” and I am hooked. The ostinato and the melodic build up make this the most memorable piece from “All i see is you”. I like this part of the score even more because of the piano, the choral works and the emotion that’s infused in every bit of music. The emotion is not epic or dramatic but personal as if it describes the inner turmoil of once person.

“All I see is you” does a lot with very little; it’s a minimalistic atmospheric score that manages to create three quite different moods with very little instruments and changes in tone: the confused and tense first part, the romantic and melodic second part and the mysterious, almost horror like end section. Each of these sounds could be developed into a separate score and you can have your pick.

Cue rating: 93 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 22 / 35

Album excellence: 64%

Hearing The Way
Inner Visions
On The Balcony
That’s Not How I Imagined It
Going To Spain
I Have Been Here Before
Walking to the New House
Break In
I Am Pregnant
Finding The Drops
The Letter
All I See Is You

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