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Soundtrack review: Julie’s greenroom (Ryan Shore – 2017)


Soundtrack review: Julie’s greenroom (Ryan Shore – 2017)



“JULIE’S GREENROOM” is an all-new arts educational show for the very young starring the legendary Julie Andrews and brought to life by the ingenious minds at The Jim Henson Company. All-new puppet friends – the Greenies – learn all about the arts (dance, singing, performing, painting, and more) from Ms. Julie herself, her assistant Gus (Giullian Yao Gioiello), and talented guest stars (Alec Baldwin, Carol Burnett, David Hyde Pierce, Ellie Kemper) in each episode. Ryan Shore wrote the score and it’s the first time I am reviewing a score for an educational show. As always in the case of a musical show, the score is completed with cast performed numbers and songs.

It’s interesting to me that I usually have a hard time writing about comedy or animation scores but I am having instant fun with this one; naturally the score moments are few and scattered and more inserts and jungle like than anything else but having a three year old daughter and spending time with her as she watches kid shows I have grown familiarised with the cherry and light sound, with the way moments of worry are handled with the piano, a bit more melancholic but nothing to weigh too heavily on a kid’s soul and as Ryan Shore’s shinny nuggets of joy play in my ears I feel like a kid again. I love the piano moments, they have meaning and emotion and I love the moments when the same instrument simply and joyfully invited me to play. I don’t even mind a lot of the cues being shorter than one minute because the attention span of a child is small anyway and there’s not time to get bored in this score or lose focus. Some melodies sound like motivational chimes when the percussion joins the piano while others like “Circus Day: Clown Skills / Clown Lesson / Riley’s Jester” a full one suites that just put me in a great mood. I love the electronic sounds that mimic toys and all in all the playfulness of Ryan Shore’s musings is infectious. It almost sounds as if he’s at the piano improvising during the show, reacting to the children’s reactions. There’s juggling, there’s playing and there is no laugh track but I have one in my head. There’s even a spy like theme “Cirque du soleil”.

I should have expected it given the show it was written for and yet I had more fun with this score than I thought I would. There’s enough magic, quirkiness and joy in these 20 minutes of music to make this an album to get.

Cue rating: 87 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 4 / 18

Album excellence: 22%

Hugo (Ryan Shore)
Cheering (Ryan Shore)
Julie & Gus (Ryan Shore)
Circus Day: Clown Skills / Clown Lesson / Riley’s Jester (Ryan Shore)
Cirque Du Soleil (Ryan Shore)

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