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Soundtrack review: You are wanted (Arne Schumann & Josef Bach – 2017)


Soundtrack review: You are wanted (Arne Schumann & Josef Bach – 2017)



“You are wanted” is a 2017 TV Show. Lukas Franke (Matthias Schweighöfer) is the victim of a cyber-crime attack. All his personal data, web and social media profiles get hacked and he gets accused of being involved in eco-terrorism. Lukas struggles to prove that he is innocent. His family, friends and colleagues doubt his innocence and start suspecting him. Lukas tries to find out who is behind the cyber-attacks and finds another victim, Lena Arandt, with whom he tries to solve the situation. The score was written by Arne Schumann and Jozef Bach. I can’t help but chuckle at reviewing a score written by two guys named Schumann and Bach. They were helped by a few other composers like Tina Pepper and Simon Hughes.

With a story like this it’s tricky because I am expecting electronic based music; it’s hacking, computers so when the score starts with “What we can’t see” which is a light electronic piece I am satisfied. The next cue is written by Tina Pepper and gets even more electronic and cyber like. “Taking action” fits very well with the track before which is a good thing for the coherence of a score with so many contributors. The tone changes for “Leon’s bedtime story” but I am happy with it since it’s a candid and melancholic solo piano theme. There is a pause right in the middle of it which makes it feel natural since when you do tell bedtime stories sometimes you stop to check if the other one is asleep. I don’t know if this was the intention of the composers but as this cue ends some static sound appear to remind me of the cyber hack theme and the next cue, “On the ground”, switches the ratio and gets all industrial with a touch of that piano theme in the background. I must admit I wasn’t expecting so much beautiful piano in this album and the contrast between the two styles to work so well. “You started a fight” is the sweetest ambient piano piece, a love theme if I ever heard one.

I am not always happy to include vocal songs in my review, or in the score listening experience but two of the Simon Hughes tracks in “You are wanted” (“Universal love” and “Heartbeats”) fit very well with the overall atmosphere and sound and don’t mean a break in the flow and mood of the score. His vocals are barely background, distorted as part of the electronic sound, just another sound effect.

“Who’s the winner” now is another remarkable piece from this score as it’s the most action oriented electronic chase before it turns ambient and I am happy to discover that the music of Arne Schumann and Jozef Bach works well even in longer servings. I like their blend of retro action and ambient, they manage to keep the music sounding fresh all through the score. Every time I want to write my conclusions about this score I run into another cue that brings something extra like the arcade game like beat of “Leon’s agent equipment” and I have to stop and mention it; this is further proof of how much I am enjoying this score. I like the integration of that piano theme in their music, by the third time I hear the motif in “A perfect world” I’m already remembering it.

With a very enjoyable mix of ambient light and industrial dark, “You are wanted” is a very nice surprise from two composers I wasn’t familiar with; with both emotional and action moments and with tonal changes that keep the score interesting for the duration, Arne Schumann and Jozef Bach make a nice little entrance on my radar.

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What We Can’t See
Leon’s Good Night Story
You Started A Fight
Universal Love (Simon Hughes)
Who’s The Winner Now
Torn Apart
Leon’s Agent Equipment
A Perfect World
I Am God
Moment Of Perception
We’re Family
Don’t Trust Me
Where Do We Go Next
I’m Proud Of You Agent Leon
Subject Franke

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