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Soundtrack review: Que baje Dios y lo vea (Fernando Velazquez – 2018)

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Soundtrack review: Que baje Dios y lo vea (Fernando Velazquez – 2018)



“Que baje Dios y lo vea” (May God come down and see it) is the new comedy movie by Curro Velazquez, creator of ‘El chiringuito de Pepe’ and writer of the first two movies of ‘Fuga de cerebros’. This film stars Karra Elejalde and Alain Hernandez, with a big group of known Spanish actors and actresses. The story is set in a bankrupt monastery: St. Teodosio. The residents are deeply afraid of the moment when it finally closes for good and they have to leave the place that, for so long, has been their home. The priests will try to find a solution to this big problem before it is too late. And they will have… a good idea? They decide to participate in the “Champion Clerum”: a European football tournament for priests. Fernando Velazquez wrote the score.

I’ve been a fan of Velazquez for years mostly because of his drama and fantasy scores; he has developed his special kind of sound which is among the best in the business. After ending 2016 with a horror score “Marrowbone”, the beginning of 2018 though brings a different kind of project for him, a comedy, and I was very curious to hear his music for a completely opposite type of story. I usually have a difficult time enjoying comedic scores, especially in they are slapstick and this one starts with a couple of cues that make me think of animation movies more than comedies, with light string and every now and then an apparent dramatic motif. I am not a fan of cues that make me switch the volume midway through. The composer goes for some sort of suspense that’s neither here not there but I imagine it matches the movie.

“Que baje Dios y lo vea” is precisely the type of comedic score I don’t like; it dwells somewhere in the middle between playful and serious without ever really taking of. Like I said it reminds me of the generic animation sound that is quite popular but that I can’t connect with. It makes for a very frustrating standalone listening experience for me as I can barely find any moments or motifs that I really enjoy. Instrumentally speaking there is nothing wrong with the music but something in the way the pieces fit together bothers me. Sure, the music is pleasant, warm, all orchestral and Benny Hill like brass section moments like “El primer partido” or playful musings like “El hombre de mi vida” are fun in the moment but overall I was no happy with this score at all.

Cue rating: 78 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 8 / 53

Album excellence: 14%

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