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Soundtrack review: Little pink house (Scott McRae and Ryan Rapsys – 2018)

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Soundtrack review: Little pink house (Scott McRae and Ryan Rapsys – 2018)



“Little Pink House” is a 2017 American-Canadian biographical drama film written and directed by Courtney Balaker and starring Catherine Keener as Susette Kelo. It is based on the events related to Kelo v. City of New London, a U.S. Supreme Court case in which Kelo unsuccessfully sued the city of New London, Connecticut for their legal use of eminent domain. The music was written by Scott McRae and Ryan Rapsys.

First thing I notice is that this is a very fragmented score, the kind that makes me fret: 33 cues for an hour long album. Naturally the music plays more on the minimalistic side with light, melodic pieces. I like it when the light guitar mood is enhanced by a short cello motif that ads extra depth to the music during those moments. They are rare as the composers went for a light, slightly optimistic sound that every now and then brings a touch of Americana to place the story geographically; I like the melancholic and pleasant Americana sound which makes a cue like “renovations” stand out.

There are two ways a score like this works for me as a standalone listen: either go the Rob Simonsen way, relaxing, joyful and sunny or lean towards the Thomas Newman sound, with a bit of extra shade and melancholy; in this case the composers tried a combination of the two as in this multitude of cues I find both Sunday afternoon feeling ones and more serious pieces, moodier when the story gets more dramatic. I enjoy that extra touch of Americana strings whenever it appears as it grabs my attention every time.

The thing is that even with a light and fragmented composition Scott McRae and Ryan Rapsys made me feel something; the music wasn’t just generic, in the background, there were moments when it made me pay special attention, when I enjoyed discovering a short motif here and there, a burst of guitar or piano, that Americana nostalgia or the deeper moments when sadness takes over. I am sure that independent of the movie or story a you too will find something to enjoy in “Little pink house”; the score definitely deserves your attention as the composers treated it with care and put a bit of soul in it.

Cue rating: 70 / 100

Going to the supreme court
Home of the Free/Epilogue

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