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Soundtrack review: Chu and Blossom (Rob Simonsen – 2018)

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Soundtrack review: Chu and Blossom (Rob Simonsen – 2018)



“Chu and Blossom” is a 2014 comedy. Joon Chu, a Korean exchange student, suffering from the loss of his brother, finds himself marooned in small-town USA, where he is irrevocably swept up into the brave new world and bizarre philosophies of Butch Blossom, a touchingly militant performance artist. In an attempt to balance family, love, friendship, responsibility and personal legacy, Joon and Butch must come together to face their own fears and learn how to embrace the world with a new found sense of courage and humor. Rob Simonsen wrote the score.

This is an older movie but the score was released now, at the end of 2018 and since it’s Rob Simonsen it goes to the top of my priorities list. Since the first time I heard a Rob Simonsen score his way of writing music spoke to me more then most others and found a place inside me where it fit like a missing puzzle piece. If you’ve heard one of his scores you know what to expect; he is the master of sweetness in music, he writes light, relaxing music as well as anyone I’ve heard and listening to a score like “Chu and Blossom” is like visiting a familiar playground, a whimsical world where everything is comfortable to the touch and pleasant to experience. There are chimes and bells that make everything in this story seem brighter and happier; there’s always the solo acoustic guitar that brings joy and that feeling of an endless summer. Quite often I become completely oblivious of the story Rob is writing the music for because the music takes a life of it’s own and invites me to join it in celebrating.

“Chu and Blossom” is the kind of music I’d like to hear in every romantic comedy if I could; I wouldn’t get tired of it because almost always it comes in just the right dose, 20-30 minutes, just enough to make life feel a bit better. The charmingly whimsical ambient sound of a Rob Simonsen score wins me over every time and where there’s just a little retro vibe peppered on it, like it’s the case here, it’s even better. You know what you are getting in this one.

Cue rating: 94 / 100

Joon Arrives
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Joon Arrives
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