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Soundtrack review: Riflessi di luce (Gianni Sposito – 1988)

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Soundtrack review: Riflessi di luce (Gianni Sposito – 1988)


“Riflessi di luce” (“Reflections of light” in English) is the story of a musician who, after a car accident kills his wife, remains paralytic and retreats to a villa. Incidentally together with him in the villa there are also a bisexual, a lesbian and a vicious kid. The lascivious atmosphere drives all the protagonists into depraved games. Gianni Sposito wrote the score for this Italian movie.

Wow. From the first notes, that electronic sounding piano and the atmospheric background which are one of my time machines invite me on board for a journey in the lush 1980s. There were many sounds I loved from that decade. Nothing comes close to the sweet magical dark synth but what I am listening to know could constitute the light side of that sound, the yang to its yin. I’ve seen countless movies from that age and heard their scores and this simple romantic electronic sound was present in almost all of them, be it romantic comedy or action thriller with a love story twist. The main theme from “Reflections of light” put me in a great reminiscing mood.

But this was just the beginning. “Tema Pamela Ragazzo” pushes the nostalgia needle even deeper through my heart because this jolly tune brings the synth and I imagine arcade games and first generation robots. I also remember teenage heroes from the movies and strange clothes. This is pure 80s bliss and I never want it to end. The score doesn’t sound Italian or lascivious at all but I don’t care. I am getting my nostalgia fix and that’s all I care about. For a few moments there during this second cue I remember the music of “Beverly Hills 90210” as well. There as some sytnh in the first episodes of that show and it sounded like this.

“Tema flashback” finally seems more in tune with the theme of the movie and the background of the composer. Still the piano sounds more like a synth and the connection with the past isn’t broken. The next cue makes it even stronger because it is even more simple and raw electronic joy and I am just grooving and remembering and closing my eyes in a state of bliss.

This is what made this score great for me: the nostalgia factor. For me you can’t go wrong with this sound. This is the atmosphere and mood of every 80s teenage movie, of every drama that was blown out of proportion and of every small victory. This is the sound of me from 20 years ago and I will cherish it forever. If you grew up in the 80s you will love this one.

Cue rating: 100 / 100

Total minutes of excellence: 19 / 19

Album excellence: 100%


Tema Riflessi Di Luce

Tema Pamela Ragazzo

Tema Flashback

Tema Ragazzi

Tema Pamela Loredana


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