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Soundtrack review: Life of the party (Fil Eisler – 2018)

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Soundtrack review: Life of the party (Fil Eisler – 2018)



Life of the Party is a 2018 American comedy film directed by Ben Falcone and written by Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, the third film Falcone has directed that the pair co-wrote following Tammy (2014) and The Boss (2016). The film, starring McCarthy, Molly Gordon, Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen, Matt Walsh, Debby Ryan, Adria Arjona, Jessie Ennis, Stephen Root, and Jacki Weaver, follows a newly divorced mother who returns to college to complete her degree, but she ends up bonding with her daughter’s friends. Fil Eisler wrote the score.

Now this is surely a movie I will not bother to see since this plot has been done countless times and I am not the biggest Melissa McCarthy fan to say the least, but the score is something else, especially since lately Fil Eisler has been very present. I have my own expectation from this score which are promptly met by the jolly, positive and light guitar based opening cue “First day of school”; it’s the kind of sound I usually hear in commercials that focus on happy family life with kids, dogs and so on. It’s a pleasant sound, comfortable to listen to, forgettable once it’s over but quite relaxing in the moment. There are miniature moments of sadness, joy, triumph and even suspense all played mostly on that guitar that evokes sunny days and relaxing Sunday afternoons to me. I think the composer had fun writing his music as his score gets infectious in the middle section, by the time “Kidnapping” and “Winning” come along. Once again I get that feeling of commercials with a positive, shiny message.

“Life of the party” is light as a breeze and sure to fit very well in the context of the movie. Outside of it it’s worth 20 relaxing and positive minutes.

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